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Surat, Gujarat, India.
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This group is arranging some devotional, social, cultural and economic development work in society

  • January, February, March - Blanket Distribution, Jal & Anna Dan, Wild life protection & Placement, self dependence awareness Programme, Human rights programme, General awareness Programme like the effect to consume liquor, Tobacco, Smoking, drugs, etc.
  • April, May, June - Jal & Anna Dan Programme in summer, Wild life protection & placement, Cleaning & sanitation for hygienic environment, rehabilitation programme, medical camps, Old age group awareness etc.
  • July, August, September - Umbrella and Polythene distribution for rain, wild life protection and placement, cleaning and sanitation, Food packet distribution, Donation to Poor and Orphan schools etc.
  • October, November, December - Cultural programme, Social development programme, Pad yatra to Shirdi Saibaba Temple, Palkhi Yatra to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Wild life protection and placement
  • Trust is helping to poor people in Marriage, looking after widows & Old age people, child education, Beggar / orphan people health care etc.,
  • Trust is always ready to help in emergency like Flood, Cyclone, earthquake, Fire, Disaster Management etc.

State wise service performance report

  • Gujarat

From 2 years more we are distributing blankets, shawls, winter wears, food serving, medicine in the district of Surat, Navsari and Dang to poor and shelter less people. We are providing medical service to the animals, birds and reptiles. We are placing snakes & crocodiles to the forest area in the Dang district as per the wild life schedule. Shree Sai Yuvak Group arranging programmes to reform social blind judge faith system and awareness programmes about health, yoga, sanitation, pros & cons of wine consumption, how to care for senior citizen, Satsang with people beyond of any religion, kids awareness programmes etc.,

Main objectives of this programme :

  • To develop self confidence among the people
  • To eradicate blind faith among the pretend saints, sadhu/santh and pretend in the name of God and Goddess.
  • To work more and try to maintain family life smoothly with any burden.
  • Good thinking and respect to the ladies and maintaining equality among every human beings.
  • To develop awareness about Human rights, Wild life and plantation laws, human nature and controls.

Prominent Person of the area :

Mr. Hitendra singh Bharat singh Jadeja. Mr. Achhelalbhai Vishwakarma
Mr. Bhaveshbhai Dhirajlalbhai Kakadia Mr. Raghav Singh.
Mr. Dhirajlalbhai S. Kakadia Mr. Bhagirathibhai
Mr. Ramsinghji Rajput    
  • New Delhi

In the place of Aambe Mata Mandir and Sai Babab Mandir at Ghaziabad the group is arranging every year free fooding to poor people and awareness programmes, help for the poor people in marriage ceremony etc., our motto is to bring the social, economical, financial and cultural awareness.

Prominent Person of the area :

Mr. Ram Shankar Vajpayee    
Mr. Satendra Mishra    
Mr. Dhirajlalbhai S. Kakadia    
  • Uttar Pradesh

Shree Sai Yuvak Group arranging various programmes at Lucknow city every year including food service, blanket distribution and public awareness programme etc., In village Jagansi Pur Dist. Jonpur, our group perform better to make a material changes regarding human rights and devotion of God. Hanumanji Mandir of Jagansi Pur in Jonpur is our zonal office of our group.

Prominent Person of the area :

Mr. Ram Sahay Patel Mr. Lalji Patel
Mr. Pradeep Singh Mr. Vijaybhai C. Patel
Mr.Ankit Patel Mr. Shiv Sankar Patel
Mr. Gyanandra Singh Chouhan Mr. Punit Tiwari
Mr. Ashwin kumar Vajpayee Mr. Ankit Kumar Pandy
  • Orissa / Odisha

Orissa is a cultural state, our group covered 2 districts one is Cuttack and another is Kendrapara. We are arranging for food service, construction of temple, help to poor people, various awareness programme, yoga, health programme etc., at village Kerilo-Kudasahi in Cuttack district and in village Tikanpur in Kendrapara district.

Prominent Person of the area :

Mr. Dharanidhar Swain Mr. Bhramarabar Mohapatra
Mr. Girish Mohapatra Mr. Manas Swain
Mr. Prakash Mohapatra Mr. Ajay Routray
Mr. Ashok kumar Debata Mr. Sarat Chandra Biswal
Mr. Dhaneswar Pradhan Mr. Harekrushna Das.
Mr. Jagabandhu Rout.    
  • Maharashtra

Shree Sai Yuvak Charitable Trust arranged events, programmes for cultural and social developments in the village of Kandala, Raigad district and village Ghumaval Dist.Jalgaon. Our group arranged a meeting with the farmers and labourer of the villages and provide the awareness regarding human rights, health care, self confidence and tension free life. Our trust has been providing food, blankets and financial help to the poor people from 3 years more. We also celebrate with the people of village Vani, Niphad, chasnali etc., during the course of Pad yatra and Palkhi yatra to Shirdi Saibaba.

Prominent Person of the area :

Mr. Sandesh Kumar Parte Mr. Santosh kumar Parte
Mr. Ashok Chitaram Patil Mr. Visas Raghuram Patil
Mr. Subhas Pundlik Patil Mr. Deva Ramray Ratil
Mr. Ravi kumar Parte